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Userboxes are fun little boxes that you can place on your userpage. They usually contain things like "This user is a fan of X character" or "This user is X years old." There are pre-made userboxes and custom userboxes. To make a custom userbox, copy the formatting of an already existing userbox and then edit it to change the picture, color, and text to your liking. Make sure that all userboxes begin with the word "User" and are in the template namespace.

Pre-Made Userboxes:

Niwalogo.gif This user supports the NIWA Manifesto!
Niwalogo.gif This user is a user on the NIWA Forums

Custom Userboxes:

| image = 643D Fox.png
| class = color1
| text = "Let's Rock and Roll!"

| image = Falco SFZ artwork.png
| class = color5
| text = This user is a fan of Falco.

643D Fox.png "Let's Rock and Roll!"

Falco SFZ artwork.png This user is a fan of Falco.