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Marcus McCloud

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Marcus McCloud
Marcus McCloud.png
Marcus McCloud with a possible future Star Fox team.
Home planet Corneria
Role Future Star Fox team leader (possibly)
Premiere game Star Fox Command
Affiliations Star Fox (possibly)
Family Fox McCloud (father)
Krystal (mother)
James McCloud (grandfather)
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Marcus McCloud is the leading member of the future Star Fox team and the future son of Krystal and Fox. His only appearance is in the "Goodbye, Fox" ending of Star Fox Command.


Early History

The McCloud family

Following the defeat of the Anglar, Fox and the rest of Star Fox vote to disband the squadron following, with Fox, immediately upon destroying the Anglars, departing the Great Fox forever and meeting Krystal again on Sauria, intending to re-build the relationship he ended due to Fox forcing Krystal to leave the team due to his fears for her safety. Krystal accepted Fox's advances, and they soon married and settled down to a quiet life. The rest of the Star Fox team went their own ways as well.

At some point, Fox and Krystal had Marcus. In terms of appearance, Marcus physically appears much like his father, and inherits his strong sense of leadership, though inherits his mother's blue fur & eyes. Marcus was raised by his parents, and they enjoy a happy life together.

When he was old enough, Marcus enrolled in the Cornerian Flight Academy, intending to follow in his father's footsteps. Marcus soon proved that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree during his training. His flying skill, a gift passed down through his family, was considered unbelievable.

The New Star Fox Team


Upon graduation, Marcus, continuing to follow this parents' footsteps, went into freelance work, intending to re-form the elite Star Fox squadron. Marcus soon succeeded, teaming up with Slippy's son, Peppy's grand-daughter, and even managed to track down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi, who served with the previous incarnation of the team. Together, the new Star Fox team defended peace wherever it is threatened.

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