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Bloop Adventures.png
A Bloop
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location ThornTail Hollow
DarkIce Mines
Moon Mountain Pass
Volcano Force Point Temple
Krazoa Shrines
Weakness(es) Krystal's Staff
Fire Blaster
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Bloop, also known as Flying Creatures[1], is a flying reptilian-like enemy in Star Fox Adventures. Bloops have large wings that appear to be based on those of a bat's. Bloops appear in ThornTail Hollow, the starting area of DarkIce Mines, Moon Mountain Pass, Volcano Force Point Temple, and some Krazoa Shrines. Like most enemies, Bloops usually respawn shortly after being defeated.

When a Bloop notices Fox, it makes a malicious laugh, swoops at him, and attempts to latch on Fox and scratch him with his talons. It attacks Fox by scratching him with its claws. Fox can easily defeat Bloops with a single strike from the Staff or the Fire Blaster.

After Fox has delivered the third SpellStone via the Volcano Force Point Temple and returns to ThornTail Hollow, several Bloops fly out from the Ancient Well and attack every ThornTail (except the Mother ThornTail). Fox must defeat all 18 of these Bloops within a time limit, and the ThornTails are incapable of fending off the Bloops. There are three Bloops hovering over each of the six ThornTails. Since they are out of Fox's reach to use the Staff, he must use Fire Blaster to attack each Bloop instead. After Fox defeats every Bloop, the ThornTails reward him with a Large Scarab Bag.