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Star Fox Adventures/Plot

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This is the full plot for Star Fox Adventures.


The story begins with a young fox, named Krystal, is trying to discover what happened to her parents and home world. She senses a distress call from Dinosaur Planet (which will later come to be called Sauria), and decides to investigate. After finding a strange ship, which knocks her staff out of her hand, she is confronted by General Scales, the leader of the SharpClaw, and the one behind the attack on Dinosaur Planet. He throws her off the ship, but the CloudRunner traveling with her catches her and takes her to Krazoa Palace, where the distress call came from. EarthWalkers have been sent to fight General Scales, but were massacred because Scales brought a great evil force into the palace. One of the EarthWalkers explains to Krystal about Krazoa Spirits, which can bring peace or destruction depending on who wields them. The spirits themselves are powerless until they are taken to Krazoa Palace, and have each been hidden in a Krazoa Shrine, in which only the pure of heart may enter, to protect them from evil. Krystal enters the first Krazoa Shrine and completes the Test of Observation, and the first Krazoa Spirit enters her. After she releases the Krazoa Spirit, an evil force (implied to be what destroyed Krystal's home planet) traps her inside a crystal.

In another corner of the Lylat System, Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and ROB are listening to a jukebox in the Great Fox. Peppy has retired from being an Arwing pilot and is working on maps, while Falco Lombardi has left the Star Fox team. General Pepper contacts Fox and tells him that Dinosaur Planet is falling apart, and sends him to Dinosaur Planet to save it, and promises a monetary reward if he does. Fox flies his Arwing to Dinosaur Planet, and lands at ThornTail Hollow, with instructions to find the Queen EarthWalker. Fox finds Krystal's staff, and finds a magic cave from which he receives a staff upgrade to use the magic skill, Fire Blaster. He finds the Queen EarthWalker, who tells him to find her son, Tricky, and that the WarpStone will be able to help. Fox collects Scarabs (the currency of Dinosaur Planet), buys a Rock Candy, and gives it to the WarpStone, who teleports him to Ice Mountain.

Fox finds Tricky being beaten by two SharpClaws. He races them down Ice Mountain, and falls off a cliff into a hot spring while the SharpClaw stop at the edge, unwilling to go after him. Fox and Tricky make their way through SnowHorn Wastes, receiving a Scarab Bag, which can carry up to 50 Scarabs from a SnowHorn, in exchange for an alpine root. In Thorntail Hollows, the duo find that Queen EarthWalker has been attacked by the SharpClaw and must eat some White GrubTub Fungus to recover. Fox enters the well, receiving the Rocket Boost upgrade, and finds six White GrubTub to feed to the Queen EarthWalker. She tells Fox that General Scales removed four SpellStones placed at the Force Point Temples, causing the planet to fall apart due to a powerful energy within the planet which the SpellStones were created to stop. Fox must find the SpellStones and return them. Tricky will go with Fox, since only a dinosaur of noble birth can breathe life into the SpellStones.

General Scales was last seen at DarkIce Mines, whose gatekeeper is Garunda Te, a SnowHorn. The Queen EarthWalker gives Fox a key to another area in SnowHorn Wastes, in which he finds Garunda Te. Tricky gives him Frost Weed to escape from a frozen cave the SharpClaw imprisoned him in. He tells Fox that Scales threatened to destroy his tribe if he didn't open the gateway for him. Garunda refused, but his daughter Belina Te opened the gateway to save the tribe, which was subsequently enslaved by Scales. Garunda feels Belina betrayed him, and opens the gateway for Fox.

Fox flies his Arwing to DarkIce Mines. At one point, Fox saves a SnowHorn from two SharpClaw, and Tricky learns the Flame Command, in which he breathes fire. Fox gets the Dinosaur Horn and rides a SnowHorn through a blizzard, before riding a bike down to the lava area of the mines. He finds Belina Te locked in a cell and sets her free. Shortly after he battles the Galdon, a monster who works for Scales, and eats the SpellStone. Galdon eats Fox, who attacks the membrane in his stomach containing the SpellStone, killing Galdon and causing him to cough up Fox and the SpellStone. The SnowHorn Tribe is saved and Fox tells Belina she and her father should work together to lead the tribe against Scales instead of fighting each other.

When Fox returns to ThornTail Hollow, a ThornTail tells him the SharpClaw put out their beacons. Fox and Tricky light them again and a ThornTail gives him a key to a gate in Moon Mountain Pass, which leads to the Volcano Force Point Temple. There, Fox gets the Ice Blast upgrade and places the first SpellStone. As he makes his way back through Moon Mountain Pass, he hears Krystal calling for help, as the evil spirit is sucking the life out of her. A Krazoa tells Fox to finish what she started and collect the Krazoa Spirits to save her. Fox gets the Ground Quake when the Krazoa opens the path to a new magic cave, and eventually enters the second Krazoa Shrine, completes the Test of Combat, and gets the second Krazoa Spirit. He returns to ThornTail Hollow and the WarpStone sends him to Krazoa Palace. He instantly falls in love with Krystal when he sees her for the first time, and releases the Krazoa Spirit.

After the WarpStone returns him to ThornTail Hollow, he tells Fox to go to the seaside, which is Cape Claw. He gives Fox a Scarab Bag for 100 Scarabs, which allows him to collect 60 Scarabs to feed to a machine that opens the gate to Cape Claw. Fox releases the Queen CloudRunner from a cell she was imprisoned in by Scales, who is invading CloudRunner Fortress for the gold and diamonds below. She opens the gateway to CloudRunner Fortress. Tricky doesn't want to go to CloudRunner Fortress, as EarthWalkers and CloudRunners do not see eye to eye, so Fox goes to CloudRunner Fortress without him. The Queen CloudRunner is captured by Scales again, and his SharpClaw knock out Fox and lock him in a cell, taking his staff. Slippy sends Fox a SharpClaw disguise, which he uses to trick the SharpClaw and get his staff back. He sets the Queen Cloudrunner free from a cage Scales imprisoned her in, defends her four children from the SharpClaw, and guide them back to her with the CloudRunner Flute. The Queen CloudRunner opens the door to the mines. Fox enters and confronts Scales, who tells three SharpClaw to take the SpellStone to safety and teleports away. Fox beats all three in a death race and takes the second SpellStone.

Fox goes back to Cape Claw to see the SharpClaw attacking a LightFoot to take his Fire Gem, which he gives to Fox to make the SharpClaw attack him instead. Fox uses this and another Fire Gem to open the way to the Ocean Force Point Temple. He places the second SpellStone. On his way back, he is captured by the LightFoots, who accuse him of stealing the Fire Gem from the LightFoot at Cape Claw. A CloudRunner fights off the LightFoots until they untie Fox. Fox asks Chief LightFoot about Krazoa Spirits, and he says there is a Krazoa Shrine in LightFoot Village, but Fox may only enter if he completes the LightFoot Tests. He completes the Tracking Test and the Test of Strength against MuscleFoot, and Chief Lightfoot opens the entrance to the third Krazoa Shrine. Fox completes the Test of Fear, gets the third Krazoa Spirit, and releases it at Krazoa Palace.

When Fox returns, a ThornTail's eggs are being stolen, but Fox fights off the EggStealers and the ThornTail opens a magic cave for Fox, and he receives the Portal Device upgrade. When he talks to the Queen EarthWalker, she says that Tricky's father, the King EarthWalker, has been captured in Walled City. He is the gatekeeper, but hid his power behind a portal door when he knew the SharpClaw would come for him. Fox opens it with the Portal Device and flies his Arwing to Walled City, which is under attack by the evil RedEye tribe. He finds the King EarthWalker, who says that the King RedEye has the third SpellStone, and to enter Fox must place two RedEye teeth in the statues. Fox completes a challenge at the river for the silver RedEye tooth, and gets the Super Ground Quake to destroy the RedEyes and get the gold RedEye tooth. He places the teeth and enters the lair of the RedEye King, and eventually kills him by stabbing him in the head.

Fox takes the third SpellStone to the Volcano Force Point Temple. When he returns, bats attack the ThornTails. Fox fights them off and they give him a Scarab Bag that can carry 200 Scarabs. He buys a SnowHorn Artifact from the store for 130 Scarabs and gives it to a blue SnowHorn that the ShopKeeper stole the artifact from. The SnowHorn gives Fox a challenge that he completes to open the way to the fourth Krazoa Shrine, where Fox completes the Test of Strength and gets the fourth Krazoa Spirit. After he releases it at Krazoa Palace, the WarpStone tells him that he must go to Dragon Rock, and gives Fox hints as to the gatekeeper's identity: A ThornTail who refused to talk to Fox before. The ThornTail tells Fox that he tried to stop Scales at Dragon Rock, but three of his friends were captured. He opens the gateway to Dragon Rock, a mutated wasteland.

Fox releases the EarthWalker, HighTop, and CloudRunner that the SharpClaw imprisoned at Dragon Rock. The CloudRunner is the same one that took Krystal to Krazoa Palace, and was captured shortly after she was. With the CloudRunner's help, Fox destroyed the four spires protecting the tower in the middle, and Fox enters to battle Drakor, a mutant created by General Scales. Fox defeats him and sends him falling into the lava, and takes the fourth and final SpellStone. He takes it to the Ocean Force Point Temple, but the planet doesn't come back together. Peppy informs Fox of a Krazoa Shrine at the top of the temple in Walled City.

Fox returns to Walled City, and the King EarthWalker tells him that returning the SpellStones only stopped the flow of magic energy, and only by the power of the Krazoa Spirits can the planet come back together. He enters the Sun Temple and the Moon Temple to get the Sun and Moon Stones and places them inside the temple to open the fifth Krazoa Shrine. He completes the Test of Knowledge and receives the fifth Krazoa Spirit.

Tricky stays at Walled City while Fox heads back to Dinosaur Planet after making Tricky a member of the Star Fox team. Pepper adjusts his flight path to the top of Krazoa Palace. When Fox releases the fifth Krazoa Spirit, the entrance to the sixth and final Krazoa Shrine opens. Fox enters, and instead of a usual Krazoa Shrine he finds a battle arena. General Scales appears to fight Fox, but before the battle can begin, the voice of the evil spirit speaks to Scales and tells him he is no longer any use to him, and his desire for power overwhelmed him. He forces Scales to hand over the final Krazoa Spirit to Fox, killing Scales while three SharpClaw take his belt.

Fox releases the last Krazoa Spirit, but before they can put Dinosaur Planet back together, the evil spirit uses the power he absorbed from Krystal to control them and use them to awaken as the Krazoa God. Krystal is released from her imprisonment and nearly falls to her death but is saved by Fox. Krystal takes her staff back from Fox and uses Fire Blaster on the Krazoa God, who flies into space. Fox flies after him in his Arwing, and the Krazoa God turns around to reveal his true face on the other side of his head, revealing his true identity to be Andross, who had returned as a spirit after his previous defeat and used the Krazoa Spirits to revive himself. Fox battles Andross, who nearly eats him but Falco appears at the last second and gives Fox bombs, allowing him to defeat Andross, who is destroyed in a massive explosion. The Krazoa Spirits are released and put Dinosaur Planet back together.

The SharpClaw celebrate the fall of General Scales, and Pepper transfers Fox's bill to him. Falco rejoins the Star Fox team, and Krystal joins the team as well.