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Zazan in Star Fox Command.
Location Corneria, Venom
Affiliation(s) Anglar
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Zazan is one of the Anglar Emperor's minions. The Emperor gave destinations out for certain followers to patrol, Zazan was in charge of Corneria. He appears in Star Fox Command.

When the Anglar base on Venom is attacked, Zazan is the one who reported directly to the Anglar Emperor to inform him of the oncoming assault and of the news that Andross's device was launched into the Venom sea, thereby neutralising its acidity. He also defended one of the many Anglar fortresses, but was soon defeated and killed.

It seems that Zazan is an authorative figure because he is the one in control of the majority of the Anglar forces. His loyalty to the Anglar Emperor is evident in that while he is guarding one of the bases on Venom, he mentions how he was willing to sacrifice himself to stop the team from advancing any further. His personal craft was the Zazanga9.


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