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I am no longer editing here due to disagreements & issues with staff, including that I cannot be in an administrative position despite being the person to have fixed the whole wiki and greatly expanded many articles. In other words, the community here has been unwelcoming & unkind to me.

For those also having issues here, go to Rare Wiki for an alternate wiki that allows Star Fox Adventures and Dinosaur Planet content (do not copy from here, due to the incompatibility between GFDL & CC BY SA license). I am through with the bullying and people mocking me for holding my GFDL edits for ransom, not allowing me to relicense to cc by sa & threatening to sue me for bajillions of dollars for something they did nothing to contribute to. It's over, I'm out. Nobody can try and profit or act entitled like they have the exclusive right to my editing, ESPECIALLY if i were to write Star Fox Adventures content from scratch on Rare Wiki.

Go the following page if you want a much better person than me who truly revived the wiki and added tons of content and stuff & contributes to philanthropic causes. Apparently I have done zilch here, hence:

0 edits and counting.