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Laser SF643D art.png
A Laser as it appears in Star Fox 64 3D.
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The Laser is a form of energy used by many vehicles, including the Arwing, Wolfen, Blue Marine, Landmaster, and Cornerian Fighters. It is usually used by repeatedly pressing the A button, or holding it down. Once charged, the Lasers locks on to the opponent.

There are many things that the Laser cannot affect like the hulls of some larger spacecraft.


Star Fox

Lasers first appear in Star Fox. In this game, collecting a Laser increases the total count by one. When collected twice, it allows the Arwing to fire bolts of plasma. The upgrade is permanent unless one of the wings breaks, or if the player loses a life.

Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2, Lasers are also found in various locations and can be obtained by defeating enemies. Miyu and Fay start out with the first upgrade by default, so collecting one as either character allows them to receive a full upgrade.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, Laser powerups can be found throughout every stage. Some can only be obtained by destroying certain enemies and obstacles, and any Supply Container opened while using the single laser with no broken wings will always contain a Laser upgrade. Collecting a Laser upgrade will allow Fox's Arwing to fire Twin Lasers, while collecting a second will further upgrade the ship to fire Hyper Lasers. If the Arwing loses a wing or is destroyed, it will revert to the default, single Laser. Lasers also appear in the remake, Star Fox 64 3D, where they are functionally identical to the original.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, Lasers were renamed to Power Upgrades. There are two variants: a Green Power Upgrade and a Red Power Upgrade. The green one corresponds to the Super Laser upgrade, while the red one corresponds to the Hyper Laser. The Red Power Upgrade does not necessarily have to be upgraded from the green ones, and are even capable of repairing damaged aircraft wings.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, most of the characters have their own personal craft, all of which feature unique forms of Lasers and lock-on capabilities. Only the Rainbow Delta, Leon Powalski's craft, lacks a Laser weapon. As a supply, the Laser is only present in multiplayer mode.

Laser types


The Single Laser is the least effective of the Laser types since it only shoots out a single laser beam. Personal crafts with this Laser variation are the Arwing II, the Sky Claw, and the Tadpole. Fox can upgrade the lasers on his craft depending on the story route taken, removing the single laser in favor of the twin or plasma lasers.


The twin laser retains its functionality from previous games, firing two lasers at once. This upgrade is usable by most vehicles, including the Cloud Runner, Red Fang, Monkey Arrow, some Arwings, and some Cornerian Fighters.


The Plasma Laser fires two powerful balls of energy. It is only usable by the Bullfrog and the Sky Bunny, although Fox can upgrade his Arwing II to use this laser if certain story conditions are met. The Arc Laser (also known as Curve Laser) is slightly more powerful that the Plasma Laser, and is only usable by the Cat's Paw II.


The Zapper Laser is the most powerful type of Laser, firing a single, powerful blast. It suffers from a low rate of fire but has a high damage output. The Black Rose is the only aircraft with the ability to use this weapon.

Star Fox Zero

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Official descriptions

Star Fox 64:

"The single laser will change to the twin laser, and the twin will change to hyper laser. The powered up laser can be carried over to the next area."
Star Fox 64 instruction booklet, page 16

Star Fox: Assault

"Green Power Upgrade: Grab one of these upgrades to increase your vehicle's firepower by one level."
Star Fox Assault instruction booklet, page 35
"Red Power Upgrade: Grab one of these upgrades to increase your vehicle's firepower by two levels."
Star Fox Assault instruction booklet, page 35

Star Fox Command

"LASER TYPE: The type of laser equipped. Laser varieties include SINGLE (one beam), TWIN (two beams), PLASMA (two round shots), ARC (curved beam), and ZAPPER (powerful long-distance beam)."
Star Fox Command instruction booklet, page 23