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Aiming Reticle

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An Aiming Reticle,[1] also known as the Targeting reticle,[2] Reticule,[3] Targeting Cursor,[4] and Aiming Cursor,[5] is a built-in computer that can directly aim and fire at targets, and also provides telemetry data for homing shots. Charged Lasers, Smart Bombs and torpedoes are designed to receive this data and fire along the headings highlighted. Targeting Computers are found on Arwings, Wolfens, Landmasters and the Blue Marine submersible. The Great Fox also has a massive Targeting Computer.

During the Lylat Wars, the Venomian Army's Invader IIs were sent as the first wave against Katina's Frontline Base. Due to design flaws, they were painted the same colors as Cornerian Fighters to confuse the Star Fox Team into causing friendly fire, but the Arwing's Targeting Computer was able to tell the difference.

On the planet Macbeth, the newest versions of the Tripod fighters employed by Venom were made with advanced Targeting Computers. However, Fox McCloud was still able to destroy all of the Tripods he encountered.


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