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James McCloud was the leader of the original Star Fox team. He is also the father of current team leader Fox McCloud. After a failed mission against the evil Dr. Andross, he was supposedly killed.


James McCloud's signature has, since Star Fox 64, been wearing a pair of sunglasses. Otherwise he carries a close resemblance in both appearance and apparel as his son, Fox McCloud.

Development (Out of Game)

In game History

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James McCloud is credited to have been the first leader of the Star Fox Team, which was formed in response to the initial threat against Corneria posed by Andross. While on a mission against Andross, he was apparently betrayed by Pigma Dengar and was killed in action.


Many years later, when Fox had finally completed James's final mission, Andross had triggered his lab's self destruct. Some manifestation of James appeared and guided Fox out of the lab before it was destroyed. James disappeared when Fox had made it out of the lab entrance. While Fox headed back to the Great Fox, a spark crossed the sky, possibly signifying that James was actually alive.

Eight years later, Fox obtained a message from James when he deposited a Cheat Token in the maze beneath the WarpStone. During the fight against the Aparoid Queen, the Queen used James's voice in an attempt to turn Fox to her side. Falco snapped him out of it when he reminded Fox that his father was dead, but the Queen continued to use his voice to trick the team.

Dash Makes a Descision

This story occurs if Wolf leaves Fox and Falco before they go to Titania.

James appeared halfway through the invasion of the Venom Sea by Fox, Falco, and Dash Bowman. He said nothing throughout the battle and helped them defeat the Anglar forces. Once again, he disappeared without anyone's notice.

Star Fox Comic

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While he is arguably dead in the canon, the 1993 Nintendo Power Comic portrays James as having, in some way, been sucked into a black hole during his fateful mission against Andross. Fox McCloud later dives into a black hole and is lead through it by some sort of physical manifestation of his father.

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Game Appearances



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  • James McCloud shares many similarities with an F-Zero pilot of the same name. Both lead a squadron of mercenaries, both have ships of similar appearances, as well as others

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