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Self-Destruct program

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The Self-Destruct program is an experimental program "bomb" developed by Beltino Toad of the planet Corneria in an attempt to stop the Aparoid Invasion. Discovering that the Aparoid are vulnerable to apoptosis from a Core Memory recovered from a deceased specimen, Beltino sets to work on this weakness. Above Corneria, on the future Beltino Orbital Gate, he and his team of scientists create the bomb, to be used on the Aparoid Queen, the leader of the Aparoids. This weapon is entrusted to the Star Fox Team who lead what remained of the Cornerian Defense Force to the Aparoid Homeworld, where the Aparoid Queen is defeated and peace is restored to the Lylat System. The only time the Self-Destruct program is mentioned is in Star Fox: Assault.

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