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Lylat Wiki:Signature Rules

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A signature is your own personal stamp; your mark that says "I made this post."

As such, we tend to offer much leniency on how your signature looks. However, we still have some guidelines of which you should be aware.

Do not impersonate

You may not impersonate other users. If you like, your signature can display a different name, provided that it links to your userpage correctly and that you are not attempting to impersonate another user.

Outside links

Outside links are allowed within reason. If you want to link to your Wikipedia userpage or a website you own, feel free to do so. However, you may not link to any explicit sites, including but not limited to:

  1. Shock sites
  2. Pornographic sites
  3. Online gambling
  4. Any age-restricted site


Please try to keep your signature at a reasonable length. If your username is long, consider shortening it for your signature. The wikitext may be as long as you like, but the output must be kept under 100 characters. If you exceed this limit, administrators reserve the right to change your signature without warning.

Being "flashy"

While everyone likes "pretty" signatures, we prefer that you keep your signature relevant. For example, creating a signature that says (username)<-(HEY GUYS LOOK AT MY POST!) is against the rules. We want the text of posts to be readable, and drawing attention to your signature is very distracting.

Violations of these rules will be handled on a case-by-case basis.