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Attack Carrier Captain

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"Ah... someone wants to play!"
— Attack Carrier Pilot, Star Fox 64
Attack Carrier Captain SF64 headshot.png

The Attack Carrier Captain was a green lizard serving as a commander in Andross's Venomian Army that pilots the Attack Carrier, hence the name. He, along with Granga, led the invasion of Corneria during the Lylat Wars. He was first seen when Star Fox arrived to save Corneria, and after they defeated Granga, Falco showed Fox where the Attack Carrier was. The Attack Carrier came from behind them, and the pilot saw that someone wanted to "play." He taunted the team, not realizing who they were, as he battled them. Star Fox ultimately beat him, as he demanded who they were (which they revealed to him: "We're Star Fox!"), then he screamed they would never defeat Andross, before he was killed in the explosion of his ship as it crashed into the ocean below.

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