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Zoldge SF Command.png

Zoldge is a character from Star Fox Command. He is an alien Mercenary that serves as one of the main minions of the Anglar Emperor. Zoldge pilots the Solar Satellite, which is fought in the mission "The Ultimate Weapon." Unlike his compatriots, Octoman and Zazan, Zoldge does not appear in any other missions.

Physical characteristics

He resembles a Jellyfish with a beak. That slightly fits the description of a squid, but has to many ripples making him look like a Jellyfish, therefore he could be an alien that is not native to Corneria.

In the game

Zoldge, along with Andrew, Zako and Octoman, were hired to fight on the Anglar Empire's behalf. Zoldge led the occupation of Solar and ordered a weapon called the Solar Sattelite to be made. But when Fox, Falco, ROB and Wolf came to take the Anglar forces out and destroy the weapon, Zoldge sent all his pilots to kill them. But the Anglar garrisons were killed by the small group, and Zoldge decided to face them himself in the finished Solar Satellite. A fierce skirmish began and Zoldge seemed to be winning, until ROB discovered a weakness, and to Zoldge's horror, began tipping it with their fire and melting it in the lava. Zoldge pleaded them to stop, but to no avail. Finally the Satellite began to incinerate with Zoldge supposedly going down with it. His last words were surprisingly calm, as he said, "Hmm, what should I tell his excellency", before burning to death.


He will say that the Solar Satellite is a powerful weapon, and when you start destroying it he goes as far as begging them not to destroy it, proving that he is very hotheaded and even caring for his work.