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Wing riding

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Wing riding is a technique that is used in two levels of Story Mode in Star Fox: Assault. It is the act of standing on the wing of an Arwing that is being piloted by another character while holding the Plasma Cannon to shoot down enemy threats. In Multiplayer, wing riding is done differently, as the player's character does not stand in one spot and can use other weapons besides the Plasma Cannon.

In Story Mode

Fichina: Into the Storm

In this level, Fox rides on Falco's Arwing wing after being saved from the corrupted security system in the central base of the drifts of Fichina. Fox must shoot both tailing and stationary aparoids that lock onto Falco's Arwing in an attempt to shoot it down.

Corneria: The War Comes Home

In this part of the mission, Fox must shoot down tailing aparoids again with the Plasma Cannon, but this time he is riding on Wolf's Wolfen. This is also where he faces the boss of the level, General Pepper's corrupted gunship.

In Multiplayer

Only available on all-range stages, this is when a Pilot rides on the body or wing of an Arwing or Wolfen. It is very useful for helping to take out other gunships or (under certain conditions) taking out Landmasters and pilots. The best items to use while wing riding are Demon Sniper Rifles, Gatling Guns, Missile Launchers, and under extenuating circumstances, any of their weaker cousins, or the Blaster. Both the rider and the pilot must be very careful not to either fall off, or bank too sharply and cause the rider to fall somewhere unpleasant, respectively.