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Peppy Hare SF0 headshot icon.png Peppy Hare: "Falco, this template's documentation needs to be improved to meet LW:TS."
Falco Lombardi: "Why are you asking me? Isn't that Slippy's job?"
"Fine. I'll do it."
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Name Console-code
Link {{Console-code}}



By putting in a specific text, the template will auto-generate a link to the requested Console page. By adding cat = yes, it automatically adds the page to a category of the same name as the console page. This category link uses a sortkey given through {{{sortkey}}}. This is helpful with sorting box art, screenshots, and other pages


NameSee #doc_1 Description Value informationSee #doc_2
(the first one)
cat yes


  1. Required parameters are in bold, followed by explanation of usage. Italicized parameters have a related behavior change, when a certain value is inserted.
  2. For if anything happens because a specific related value is not entered.


{{Console-code | #1 }}