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Star Fox Wii

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Star Fox Wii is the speculative project-name for an upcoming Star Fox installment on Nintendo's Wii console.

The Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has shown interest in creating a Star Fox game for the Wii console in the future. Series designer, Takaya Imamura has also said he has some ideas for a sequel of Star Fox Command. It is speculated that this game will also reveal what is the real ending of Star Fox Command or if the game is canon at all. It was revealed that the president of Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert, had expressed that he has no interest in developing a Star Fox game for the Wii console, as he suggested that the Wii, "[I]s a bit more of a toy..."[1] Not to say that there will be no future Star Fox title for the Wii, but just that Cuthbert probably would not be involved in its development.

In August 2009, Turkish Nintendo news site Nintendocu.com reported that a Wii Star Fox game would be revealed in the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power, showing a blurry image claimed to be the issue's cover page. Titled "Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria", the game would allegedly implement Wii MotionPlus and would include an online battle mode with Wii Speak support.[2] Although the Arwings and Great Fox displayed on the cover image were images from Star Fox: Assault. The same article updated its page three days after it was first published, and it added headline that declared the information about Nintendo Power revealing the next Star Fox was false. However, the same page also has evidence to show that Nintendo recently renewed the domain name "starfox.com", despite the fact the URL still redirects to Nintendo's main portal.

In September 2009, another Nintendo news site called Infendo published a minor article claiming that an anonymous tip was given that a next Star Fox game is most definitely in the works, without giving any more details.[3]

Also, Hideli Kamiya, the creator of the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta series, and an avid Star Fox fan himself, had expressed interest in creating a new Star Fox game on the Wii articles of IGN. However, the only thing that would hold him back is the strict stance on guns in Japan.

In May 2010, DigitalNipples.com published a news article claiming that a next Star Fox game will be unveiled at Nintendo's E3 press conference. This, however, was false.

Though a Star Fox and F-Zero game for the Wii were not shown at Nintendo's E3 conference, many other franchises were. However, in a commercial for the Nintendo 3DS, many objects pop out of the screen, including Donkey Kong barrels. One of the objects was a flying Arwing, hinting that a Star Fox game may be released on the Nintendo 3DS. Also, while a Star Fox Wii isn't being made Per Se, a remake of Star Fox 64 for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS was shown to be in development.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, in an interview posted hours before the Nintendo Digital Event of E3 2014, he confirmed that assets for Star Fox Wii would be reused for Star Fox Zero.


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