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Devil Shark

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Devil Shark

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Game(s) Star Fox Command
Mode(s) Underwater
Affiliation Anglar Empire
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The Devil Shark is an aquatic submarine resembling a shark. It is piloted by Zako in Star Fox Command. There is also a similar vehicle named the Devil Shark II, and it also appears on Aquas.


This vehicle is fought on both Aquas and Venom. During its first encounter on Aquas, it attempts to ram into the player and damage their ship. To attack the Devil Shark, the player must repeatedly fire at its head until it opens into three segments; this reveals a spiky ball. This is its weak spot, so the Devil Shark will attempt to prevent the player from damaging it. Like usual bosses, the Devil Shark is defeated after its weak spot has been fired at enough times.

The Devil Shark also appears on Venom a couple times and is significantly easier. The Devil Shark is shot down from that location, killing Kazo.