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{{Infobox console  
{{Infobox console  
| picture = Switch.jpeg
| picture = Switch.jpeg
| picture_size = 200px
| picture = 200px
| name = Nintendo Switch
| name = Nintendo Switch
| year_released = 2017
| year_released = 2017

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This article only covers the Star Fox-related information of console.
For more general info, please check out this article on NintendoWiki.
Nintendo Switch

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Console generation Fourth generation
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The Nintendo Switch, commonly referred to simply as the Switch, is Nintendo's seventh home video game console, being preceded by the Wii U. The Switch, unlike its three predecessors, uses game cards rather than discs akin to the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. It is also the first hybrid console, functioning as both a home console and a portable console.

Star Fox games on the Switch

While no Star Fox games have been released for the Switch yet, one game features Star Fox characters as guest characters, and one is a fighting game featuring them.


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