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Tricky Energy

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Tricky Energy is a meter that measures the energy and hunger of Prince Tricky in Star Fox Adventures. It is represented by a mugshot of Tricky and five separate icons of a Blue GrubTub Fungus. Also, if Tricky is currently performing a Sidekick Command, the Active Tricky Command icon is shown to the right of the GrubTubs. Above the Tricky Energy meter is the Staff Energy Meter and below is the Camera Icon, when the camera view is inadjustable. When Tricky performs either Find or Flame Command the meter is shortened by one GrubTub. If the meter runs empty, Tricky will not take more these Commands from Fox McCloud. Fox is able to refill the meter by feeding Tricky Blue GrubTub Fungi.

Official descriptions

  • PAL instruction booklet: This shows how many Blue GrubTubs Tricky has been fed.