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Star Falco

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Star Falco
Star Falco SF Command.png
Members: Falco (leader), Katt, Dash
Affiliation: Star Fox

Star Falco was a result of one of the possible endings in Star Fox Command. Katt Monroe encourages Falco to form it because he was angry from missing out on the Anglar Blitz. Dash Bowman also joins the team. Each member has their own colored and customized Sky Claw aircraft.

The team was created after the Anglars had been defeated by the rest of Star Fox and Star Wolf. Although Falco was asked to meet up with the rest of the team on Aquas, Falco felt that he had been left out[1]. He spent his time alone, overwhelmed by his own rage and frustration at himself and filled with shame and guilt. Then one day, he received a message from Katt, telling him that he should form his own team. Falco wouldn't normally listen to advice, but he decides that he still wants nothing more than to fly around the universe. He accepts Katt's offer, then scouts for a third member, deciding on the elite Cornerian pilot Dash. The team becomes renowned, and even rivals Star Fox in terms of the pilot's skill.

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