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A list of usable templates on Lylat Wiki. They are organized by section and alphabetically. For information on using templates, see Help:Templates.

Articles and categories

  • {{another wiki}} - add on a page whose content was plagiarized from another wiki
  • {{better-images}} - If an article needs higher quality images
  • {{c}} - To link to a category without embedding it
  • {{cite web}} - used for citing a url
  • {{citation needed}} - place next to a sentence with a fact needing citation
  • {{Clear}} - Clears a line for article/page formatting
  • {{Console-code}}
  • {{Context-problem}} - if an article needs more context
  • {{Delete}} - If you believe an article or page should be deleted, use this template
  • {{doc}} - links to a template documentation
  • {{Documentation shell}} - The shell of a documentation page
  • {{Documentation-improvement}} - A tag for templates in need of better documentation
  • {{Dot}} - Used for placing a dot (•) without the need to copy-paste it
  • {{Hide}} - Used for hiding content, especially navigation boxes
  • {{Icon}} - To display an image on the same area as the page title header
  • {{image}} - If a page lacks or needs more images
  • {{Intro-missing}} - A page with a missing introduction
  • {{Intro-too-long}} - A page with an introduction that is too long
  • {{Intro-too-short}} - A page with an introduction that is too short
  • {{Main}} - Links to the main article with more info on the subject
  • {{Quote}} - A quote said by a character
  • {{Spoiler}} - Used to warn reader of spoilers
  • {{T}} - To link to a template without embedding it
  • {{Talk}} - Links to an article's talk page
  • {{Unresolved-discussion}} - For any talk page with an unanswered question
  • {{Wp}} - Used for linking to Wikipedia pages

Navigation menus

Main article: Category:Navigation Templates

Infobox templates

Main article: Category:Infobox Templates

File templates

Stub templates

Color templates

File sourcing