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Falco Lombardi: "Why are you asking me? Isn't that Slippy's job?"
"Fine. I'll do it."
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Name Icon
Link {{Icon}}
Info #Purpose


This template is used to conveniently display an image on the same level as the page title.



Copy this code and fill it out:

| image  = 
| text   =
| size =
| position =
| top = 
| offset =


  • image is the filename of the image
  • text is the text you want the image to display when hovered over by the mouse.
  • size is size of the picture
  • position is the position of the icon (left, right, relative, absolute)
  • top how many pixel, em, etc. should it move up from its default position.
  • offset is the distance from the right side that the image is placed. The default value is 0.5em. An em is the width of a "m".