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Area 6 Commander

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Area 6 Commander.png

The Area 6 Commander, as his name implies, is in charge of Area 6, the designated defense sector in planet Venom's orbit. He appears in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D, occasionally shown shouting orders during the Area 6 stage. It is possible he may be the pilot of the Gorgon, or alternatively his subordinate Caiman. However, his choice of words before the boss battle ("deploy it now") suggests that he does not pilot it himself, possibly because it is automated altogether, or that he controls it remotely.

It's unknown if what his fate is. If he piloted the Gorgon, he was most likely killed. If he didn't, than he was either killed in the battle for Venom, or escaped and soon became part of Oikonnys rebellion, where he was again probably killed when the Aparoids attacked.