Rock Candy

Rock Candy is a purchasable item in the yellow room of ThornTail Store in Star Fox Adventures. As its title suggests, the Rock Candy is an edible sweet made of rock, and has a glowing, red center resembling a gemstone. Its purpose is for Fox to give as a gift to the WarpStone and get his attention. By doing so, the WarpStone happily eats it and allows Fox to teleport to Ice Mountain or Game Well Maze.

Rock Candy.png
"This is ROCK CANDY. It is a very tasty, sweet rock...that would make a great gift."
— Description upon obtaining the Rock Candy

The Rock Candy is the first item that Fox is required to purchase at ThornTail Store. The normal price is ten Scarabs but he can bargain to pay the ShopKeeper with eight Scarabs instead.