Captain Shears

Captain Shears is a character appearing in the manga Farewell, Beloved Falco. A captain in the Cornerian Defense Force, Shears is the ranking military officer on the Cornerian base on the planet Titania, where the planet's ancient ruins have been studied since the end of the Lylat Wars. He agrees to help Star Fox track down Falco in exchange for helping him deal with a small remainder of Andross' troops who are allegedly using Titania to develop new weapons.

Captain Shears
Captain Shears, as he appears in Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco.
Premiere game None
Affiliations Cornerian Defense Force
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As it turns out, the band of individuals supposedly belonging to the Venomian Army was actually Katt Monroe and her crew, who had stolen top-secret information about research being done on the base. Shears was actually attempting to clone Andross, and mislead Star Fox into believing that Katt's gang were leftovers from Andross' army to prevent the information from getting out. After losing a duel with Fox, Shears nearly escapes, but is presumably crushed by the giant Andross clone he had created.

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