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Barrier Sphere

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Barrier Sphere
Barrier Sphere.jpg
Duration: 30 seconds (max)
Color: Blue → Violet → Red
Aura: Green
Rarity: Rare
Type: Shield

The Barrier Sphere is an item in Star Fox: Assault that creates a shield around a pilot when activated, making them completely invulnerable for a limited amount of time. Barriers are especially useful when surrounded by a large swarm of enemies or in close combat with an enemy with heavy firepower. One can find barriers lying around levels in specific places, and players who die in Versus Mode will receive one upon respawning, or two if playing as Krystal. Differing from common belief, the barrier does actually protect the user from a ram of a Landmaster. However, since the ramming power of the Landmaster has many hitboxes, if the barrier does not have enough energy left to take the first blow, the player will be damaged by one of the latter hitboxes.

It is never actually mentioned what creates the barrier shield, be it a hidden technological device or some kind of mystic force, but many people believe that barriers are based on the Reflector used by Fox McCloud and other characters in the Super Smash Bros. series.


  • A secret barrier was found in Star Fox 64 when a player was fiddling with cheats. It appears to be an unused power-up that would utilize the G-Diffusers to create a invincible barrier around Fox's Arwing.