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Hi, my name is RoyboyX. You can call me Roy or RBX. You may not call me RoyBoyX.

I've only really played Star Fox Adventures, and came here with my friend and fellow Wikitroid user DarkSamus89. Currently I am busy with my endeavours on Wikitroid, solving disputes and all, but I'd like to, in the future, clear out here, here, here, and here. But I have two questions for you all.

  • Why do you have articles for other Nintendo series? Such as Metroid. That doesn't even have any cameos as far as I'm aware, except for concept art of Phantoon where he is fought like Andross.
  • What is with those categories with one page i.e. Category:Queen EarthWalker? On Wikitroid we have categories for the bounty hunters, including themselves, their species, homeworld and equipment.


I don't think I'll be making very many creations compared to my colossal list on Wikitroid, but here are pages/categories/templates I have made here.