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Template:Infobox series

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Infobox series

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PeppyHeadshotAssault.png Peppy Hare:
Falco, this template needs help on improving its documentation in order to satisfy LW:TS

Falco Lombardi:

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Fine. I'll do it.
Name Infobox series
Link {{Infobox series}}
Info * Basic Series Info.
  • Designed for only 3 fields at the moment.
  • See Infoboxes for more info.




NameSee #doc_1 Description Values-Related StuffSee #doc_2
name What is the series called?
link External link
iwcode Does the series have a wiki we affiliate with? if yes, What is it's Inter-Wiki Code?


  1. Required Parameters are in bold, followed by explanation of usage. Italics parameters have a related behavior change, when you insert a certain value
  2. for if anything happens becuase a specific value related is not entered


{{Infobox series 
| name = Star Fox
| link = none yet
| iwcode = LW