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We'll have an image here!

This is a template which will contain featured articles once we get some. It's taking up our main page space right now so we have something to fill in here. If you'd like to nominate an article for featured status, feel free to do so here.

Featured Article Rotation Template


This template is used to cycle through the featured articles on the Main Page. It changes which template it points to every other day.

Every other one is the same because that makes it easier to change them every 48 hours. The actual featured articles are on the odd-numbered templates. The even-numbered templates are redirects. Once this template reaches the end of this list, it starts back at the beginning.

Normal Cycle

Under this setting, the template will cycle through the featured articles as usual. To set this template to cycle normally, type this on the Main Page:


Show New Featured Article

This setting will force the template to point to a certain Featured Article. This is used to display a newly featured article for an extended period. To force this template to point to a certain Featured Article, type this on the Main Page:

{{FA| Template Number }}

Where "Template Number" is the number of the template that is the new featured article.