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Lylat Wiki:Merger Proceeding

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This page is about the Merger procedures started on 10/25/2010 and ending 05/25/2011. During this time, we apologize for the the wiki slowing down, creating errors and such.


  1. Mass import and export - Has happened
    • During this time, the wiki will be edit locked, to allow the wiki to catolog and index all the new pages.
  2. Modifying the new pages - Has happened
    • After being exported, but before being imported, they are placed under the custom namespace Arwingpedia:. What we will do with these pages falls under three situations:
      1. If we don't want it at all, delete it.
      2. If we want part of it import the wanted text/image/etc., and then change the page to a redirect.
      3. If we want all of it, then move it to the main namespace.
    • Before taking any actions, it is recommended that you discuss any individual page's merging-related action, unless it is obvious what we should do.
    • All talk pages will be moved to a Arwingpedia_talk: and need to be surrounded by {{moved from}} template to preserve the original, but will allow additional comments added after.
    • Also note: All Arwingpedia_talk: will be open to be edited by all users, but Arwingpedia: will only be allowed to be edited by admins. This is to ensure the page isn't ripped apart by multiple editors all trying to help with the merger, and possibly forgetting a step or two of the process. All users will still be able to view source, and will be enabled to edit the page they wish to bring the related content to.
  3. delete all Arwingpedia: and Arwingpedia_talk: pages so we can remove the custom namespaces and edit rights.- Has happened
  4. Have the wiki projects integrate the remaining pages into our current system(s) and up to our standards - Currently happening

End of the Merger

Via Community Consensus, The merger has been declared over. As a wiki, we are now back to officially discouraging taking anything from any other wiki's. If there is something on arwingpedia still missing, please ask permission before bringing it over. If not, we may need to delete it.

In addition, staff positions of Arwingpedia effective after 10/25/2010 will no longer be automatically granted. Similarly to the above, we will be back to the old conditions of becoming staff:

  1. The current/active staff discuss potential candidates, and offers the position to those who everyone can agree on.
  2. Open positions, if available, will be posted on the main page. When those happen, they will still be discussed by the current/active staff.

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