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Demon Sniper Rifle

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Demon Sniper Rifle
Ammunition per clip: 5 shots
Launch succession: 4 seconds
Range: About half the length of the Katina Outpost map.
Color: Yellow scope, Black, Green
Aura: Blue

The Demon Sniper Rifle is a special weapon in Star Fox: Assault which can be unlocked for multiplayer mode by collecting all 50 Special Flags from the game's ten single-player missions. A variant of the Sniper Rifle, this weapon is similar to the Demon Launcher in that it can destroy its target in a single hit; one may wonder why such firepower is needed when the Sniper Rifle can already kill a player with a single shot. But the Demon Sniper is extremely useful for destroying vehicles like the Arwing and Landmaster, which can take around three to four hits with a regular Sniper Rifle to destroy, and can also be used against Wolf, whose five-star health rating allows him to survive a single hit from a Sniper Rifle when at perfect health. The Demon Sniper spawns in different locations where Sniper Rifles can be found, and it can be removed from matches by turning off "Special Weapons" in the match rules on the map selection screen.