Arwing Defender

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Vehicle: Arwing Defender
DefenseArwing Blue.gif
Peppy's Arwing Defender, as it appears in Star Fox 2
Name Defender-class Arwing
Mode(s) Space, Air, Ground
Usage Aerospace combat
Affiliation Star Fox
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The Arwing Defender, also known as an Defender-class Arwing or just Defender, is a model of Arwing in the game Star Fox 2, used by the pilots Peppy and Slippy. This type of Arwing focuses primarily on replacing speed and maneuverability for heavy shielding.

In Star Fox 2

Laser: Blaster
Lock: Single
Energy Charge Time: Fast
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Speed: Fast
Special Item: Shield (3x)