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Status: Mostly active. Focusing on more important matters, but I check the Recent Changes constantly. May be days where I just don't show up.

Current project: General wiki build-up, no specific focus at the moment for this wiki.

Portrait of Alex's character Stephan for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Other Names Alex, Alexander, Bodine95, Power Master, Powmas, PowerMaster64, PowerMasterAlex, Hardcore Alex, HardcoreAlex95
Birthday April 3rd, 1995
Join Date January 6, 2017
Most Recent Contribution


I'm an administrator here at Lylat Wiki, joining on January 6, 2017. Originally, I was given ambassador rights to help with vandalism and spam, but I gained full administrative rights on September 14, 2018. I also have access to the site settings, so if there's any problems, you can let me know. I'm also a staff member on Super Mario Wiki, F-Zero Wiki, and Icaruspedia.

I've been playing Nintendo games all my life, first starting with Super Mario 64 when I was 2, and was introduced to Star Fox through Super Smash Bros. Melee. I don't have a big history with Star Fox, as the only Star Fox games I own are Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Guard, and I haven't played them much. I do own the Super Smash Bros. titles, though my Fox and Falco game could be better.

Once I had enough of playing other peoples' games, I decided to make my own. Many trials and errors later, I released my first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, on March 18th, 2016. The game has received many verbal positive reviews from my friends, family, and fans, though actual public reviews are few. I am currently working on the next game, and a demo for it is available to download. I also have my own wiki! I also have a YouTube Channel called Hardcore Alex where I play video games with an extra set of rules of my own, among other things like Smash Bros. replays.

I also have cases of Tourette's, Autism, and Asperger's, the later two of which could show when I edit pages on the Super Mario Wiki. English is my native language, though Autism and Asperger's makes it difficult to convey exactly what I mean sometimes. However, I'm always willing to clarify should I be confusing to anyone. My Tourette's is a coughing/throat-clearing-like noise. Be glad you can't hear that through text *cough*.

Star Fox (+Star Fox related) games

Game Beaten story 100% Personally owned Nintendo Power/Prima Guide Other notes
Main games
Star Fox 64 No No Yes No
Star Fox Guard No No Yes No Bought separately from Star Fox Zero, though I have that Beginnings animation.
Other games
Mario Kart 8 Yes No Yes No Have the Fox suit
Super Mario Maker Yes No Yes No Have the Fox and Falco outfit
Super Smash Bros. Yes Yes No Yes Guide is in Nintendo Power vol. 141
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Yes No Yes No
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Yes Yes Yes No
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Yes No Yes No
Super Smash Bros. Melee Yes No No Yes
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Yes No Yes No
Yoshi's Woolly World No No No No Have the Fox and Falco prints

Star Fox amiibo

My amiibo are named after characters in my Power Master series.

Other stuff

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