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Stealth Suit

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Stealth Suit
Stealth Suit.jpg
Capacity: 1
Color: Grey/Green
Aura: Violet

The Stealth Suit is a power up item available in Star Fox: Assault that makes the user stealthed for a period of time, and disables the opponent from seeing the user on their radar.


Like the Booster Pack, Stealth Suits are very hard to find and often located in hard to reach places. Use one to sneak past a guarded area or surprise your opponent with an unnoticed attack. Your opponent can still get a red bead on you, but homing weapons don't lock on. Your red, blue, yellow, or green diamond that appears around you when seen from long distances disappears, but you are still as visible to your opponent as much as you can see yourself (when wearing the stealth suit).

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