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__NOTOC__{| class="navbox" style="background-color:grey; border:1px solid #00000a; text-align:center; color:#2fefff;"|-| <big>Welcome to the one and only '''''Lylat Wiki'''''! We're a comprehensive Star Fox wiki which aims to serve the fans and cover the entire series. Interested in helping out? Make an account and start editing some pages. We welcome all contributors!</big>|-| We have {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles of {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages and {{NUMBEROFFILES}} files on [[Star Fox (series)|Star Fox]], including [[Star Fox (team)|the Star Fox Team]] and [[Star Fox (game)|the original Star Fox]].|-|}<div style="float:left; width=100%; padding: 10px;">{| class="subportal default-border-radius collapsible collapsed"|-!Are you a fan of '''Star Fox'''? A specialist to a given area of the game? If so, then please become a member of one of the following wiki-projects. They are specialized pages on specific areas of the Star Fox Universe, and going there will explain how you can help with that particular project.|-| Each Wiki Project needs to work with the other wiki projects in order to ensure that each page (article, template, category or file).  {{wikiproject-breakdown}} |-|}</div>{{news}}{{external-links}}{{to domainpage}}

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