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Welcome to Lylat Wiki! We are an Independent Wiki!

New Here? Well, then you are in luck: That's what this page is for! This is where you can learn everything you need to know to get familiar with the Wiki. Before We start, Please click one of the links bellow to bring you to the right section that has more information and links to go where you wish.

New To Wikis

Wikis are Web-based software that allows anyone to edit it's content (except where appropriate to do otherwise). Each time you are looking at the wiki, you are looking at a "page" within it. There are many types of Pages, but we will get to those later. First we cover modes you will be in when taking action.


Mainly, there are two modes you will need to become familiar with. They are called "View" and "Edit", and both deal with a process know as Wikifying texts.


In the View Mode, and using a special syntax, '''Text Entered with three quotes''' automatically turn out bold-faced when the page is viewed. In the center of every page, will be any content related to that page.


When you are in Edit Mode, all the content of the page appears before you; but does so dewikified. This is a place where you look at the special syntax to figure out what is going into the page in order to become the text you saw in View Mode. The exception to this is Templates, But More on that when we get to that type.


Often, though not always, You will be able to tell what type of page one is by its namespace. This Appears before the Title of the Page (which is at the Top of the Browser), and In the Address bar, and is separated From the Rest of the Title by a Colon :. The Pages Break Down as follows:

Main Types

Articles have no Namespace. They are the Main Content of the Wiki, and here, they are mostly about Star Fox.
User Page
A page for each user to express whatever they choose (within reason)
Lylat Wiki
Pages that Deal with Wiki Management, Policies, Projects, the Community of thew Wiki, etc. For more, please see #New_To_Lylat_Wiki.
All the Files that have been uploaded to the Wiki.
Messages the MediaWiki Software gives you, where this is a site notice or a copyright warning, it all depends on the situation.
Templates are pages that get plugged into, or "transcluded", into other pages; even other templates. When in another page, they are used through paranthesis like: {{ and }}.
Help Pages
Help Pages are designed to Help out New Wiki Users, such as yourself.
Categories are Pages that group together other pages, including other categories.


Each of the Above Types Have a Related Discussion Page. Think something is wrong with the page, but not sure what to do about it? then take it to the discussion page

Discussion pages are good for the following situations:

  1. An Error on the page too big for a simple edit to do, such as a spelling or grammar error.
  2. Giving Information about The page, but it is information doesn't belong in the content of the Page.
  3. Recommending a new title for a Page.
  4. Clarifying a tag that was put on the Main Page, and any related talking points.


In addition to the other types, There are 2 more types you may wish to familiarize yourself with.

Pages that help us maintain the wiki, such as Special:WantedPages which gives us a list of the most wanted pages on the wiki.
Direct link to the Media File. To be used in Linking, not going to the address itself.


Each page has action buttons somewhere on the edges of the screen, where you will see the following text. Click on it to enact the related action.

Primary Actions

These are actions that will affect the page, or at least your view of it.

edit / create / view source
Switch to edit mode, where you can submit new content, edit old content or view the pages de-wikified source.
View how the wiki has changed over time. Compare any version of the page to any other version of the page, including the current one.
Change the Title of Page to Something More suitable. Please Discuss first Before Doing So.

Secondary Actions

These actions will not effect the page, nor your view of it.

Add Page to your watch list, so you know when it has been updated.

New To MediaWiki Wikis

If you are familiar with Wiki's, Just not with Media Wiki, then May we recommend you check out Help:Contents, to become familiar with the Syntax.

New To Lylat Wiki

So, if you are new to Lylat Wiki, but not new There are somethings we recommend you become familiar with before becoming a full fledge member. This is not meant to deter you from helping out. Rather, it's meant to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the customs and culture of the Wiki.

Wiki Pages

The Wiki Pages with the namespace Lylat Wiki: can come in any of the following categories.

Policy Pages
How do we determine how something should be sourced? How does one settle an edit dispute? What is the criteria for something to be deleted imediantly, and not have to go through the discussion process weighing everything down? These answers, and more, are found at the Policy Pages.
Community Pages
Community Pages are places where members of the wiki get together and talk over various topics. These could be New Policy, Deleting a template or Category, or reporting the Latest Star Fox news. Community pages are run by community members. It is up to them, and, more specifically, their respective leaders, to decide how the community
Navigation Pages
Navigation Pages exist to aid exploring the wiki. These include, but aren't limited to: Content Guides and Disabimguation pages.
WikiProject Pages
WikiProjects are groups of Users Devoted to a single aspect of content. Please See

Content Type

For our wiki, Content is organized into several different categories each of which can be broken down into more categories. Depending on the how you choose to look at it, Each page can find itself in the scope of many different types of content, and therefore be the responsibility of many different wikiprojects. One way to look at this, is as follows:

  1. For Those New to Wiki's, This wiki, etc.
  2. Game Related Content
    1. Characters
    2. Teams
    3. Enemies
    4. Races
    5. Items
    6. Vehicles
    7. Stages
    8. Locations
  3. Real World Content
    1. Games
    2. Series
    3. People
    4. Companies
    5. Consoles
  4. Wiki Related
    1. Articles
    2. Templates
    3. Categories
    4. Files
  5. Fun
    1. Userboxes
  6. Other
    1. Fandom
    2. Community Pages
    3. Navigation
    4. Branches
    5. Users
  7. Administration
    1. Policy
    2. Wiki Projects

Please See Lylat_Wiki:Content for more info.