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First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit.jpg
Recovery Amount (Green): One Fourth (1/4)
Recovery Amount (Silver): Half (1/2)
Recovery Amount (Gold): Full
Rarity (Green): Common
Rarity (Silver): Uncommon
Rarity (Gold): Rare
Type: Recovery

First Aid Kits are recovery items in Star Fox: Assault. Touching a First Aid Kit will instantly replenish a portion of the player's health. First Aid Kits come in three varieties: green, which restore a small portion of health, silver, which restore a medium portion, and rare, gold kits, which restore all health. Many of the First Aid Kits can be found in specific locations, although some enemies may also drop them.

Although meant for one's own use, First Aid Kits, as with any item, may be grabbed even at full health simply to prevent opponents from taking them in multiplayer mode.

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