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Aparoid Ship

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The Aparoid Ship.

The Aparoid Ship is a four-legged gargantuan Aparoid. Its first (and only) appearance was in Star Fox: Assault in the Star Fox Team's second mission: Katina Outpost. The ship has multiple attacks: homing missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and more.

It has a weak point on its upper side and attacking it may result in its destruction. There's another not-weak point under it and attacking it will make the ship faint for a while, that way Fox can reach the upper side to attack its weak point by hovering up with the Landmaster.

Its sole purpose was to decimate the Star Fox team; as well as take control of the Katina Outpost. Given Fox's comments, the Aparoid Ship is apparently the lead unit of the Aparoid swarm on Katina.


  • In Nintendo Power magazine, this Aparoid was referred to as the "Arachnaroid."