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Purple Aparoid

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Fighting some Purple Aparoids.

The Purple Aparoid is an Aparoid unit somewhat bigger than Fox McCloud and acts like a mortar in Star Fox: Assault. It fires small blue orbs of energy that explode upon impacting a surface, be it the ground, a wall, or a creature. This Aparoid unit has four legs and is protected by a barrier that renders Machine Gun and Blaster fire useless. However, the blaster's charged shots still damage the creature. All other weapons can damage Aparoid Dragoons.

On Easy, a Purple Aparoid can be killed with a level 2 charge shot or a single shot from the Homing Launcher. On higher difficulties though, it takes a level 3 charged shot or 2 homing launcher shots to bring one down. Lower charge levels still damage the creature though.


  • Larger, missile firing variants are found on the Aparoid Homeworld.
  • This creature's name comes from the Protoss Dragoon unit in StarCraft, a popular RTS game. This is because they both have four legs and both fire blue energy orbs.