BafomDads[1] are short, red creatures that appear in Star Fox Adventures. They are collectible items, and have a one-time use for reviving Fox if he loses all of his health. BafomDads have two pairs of ears, one pair being longer than the other.

BafomDad render.png
An in-game render of a BafomDad.
Games Star Fox Adventures
Usage Revitalizes Fox if he loses all his health
Location(s) Various places on Dinosaur Planet
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BafomDads are uncommon around Dinosaur Planet, and are usually located in well-hidden areas. Most BafomDads are hiding under the ground, requiring the use of Tricky's Find Command to unearth. Some BafomDads appear in hard-to-reach locations. By default, Fox can only carry one BafomDad at a time, but if he purchases the BafomDad Holder at ThornTail Store, he can carry up to ten BafomDads.



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