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Screen Shot License Information.
This is a Screen Shot file from or about a Game. It is subject to the following licence:
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Screen Shot Details
Game Star Fox
Characters {{{characters}}}
Console Consoles[[Category:|Screen Shot]]
Other Info {{{other info}}}
{{{info5name}}} {{{info5details}}}

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Documentation for Template:GameScreenShotSourceCitation

Documentation Information

Name GameScreenShotSourceCitation
Link {{GameScreenShotSourceCitation}}
Info Source information on Game Screen Shot
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Name Description Values-Related Stuff
license Which license does this image fall under? If it's a screenshot, this is usually Copyright.
game Which game does it originate from?
characters What characters are in it? (Not sure how to seperate multiple ones yet)
console What console did the game come from?
other info Anything else about the image.