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Gallery:Star Fox Adventures

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Screenshots: added e3 2002 screenshots
SFA E3 2001 Slippy.jpg|Early screenshot of [[Slippy Toad]] in [[CloudRunner Fortress]], which he does not visit in the final release.
SFA E3 2001 Arwing.jpg|Fox stands at the [[Arwing]]
=== E3 2002 ===
SFA E3 2002 Fox.jpg|A close-up of Fox's facial expression
SFA E3 2002 VFPT.jpg|Fox exploring the [[Volcano Force Point Temple]]
SFA E3 2002 Brain Squid.jpg|Krystal running from a Brain Squid
SFA E3 2002 Great Fox.jpg|The Great Fox, as shown from the world map
SFA E3 2002 LightFoot Village.jpg|Tricky digging a dirt patch in [[LightFoot Village]]
SFA E3 2002 Ground Quake.jpg|Fox performing a Ground Quake
SFA E3 2002 LightFoot Tribe.jpg|The [[LightFoot Tribe]] accuse Fox for stealing their treasure.
SFA E3 2002 CloudRunner Fortress.jpg|Fox exploring the courtyard of [[CloudRunner Fortress]]
SFA E3 2002 SharpClaw attack.jpg|Fox combating a [[SharpClaw Tribe|SharpClaw]]
SFA E3 2002 SharpClaw kicked.jpg|Fox kicking a SharpClaw back

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