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Star Fox (team)

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When Star Fox team reached Venom, Dengar managed to betray his team, and apparently was cause for the capture of both McCloud and Hare by Andross. Hare eventually, but barely, managed to escape Venom, apparently returning to Corneria with sad news to McCloud's family, especially to his only son [[Fox McCloud|Fox]], that James McCloud was killed-in-action. It was never made clear was really happened on Venom that day though.
[[File:StarFox Team Command Intro.png|thumbnail|right|The Star Fox team under Fox McCloud]]Some number of years have passed since the last mission on Venom, during which Fox McCloud had received some military training of his own before eventually reforming his father's legacy which is the Star Fox team. McCloud had invited members such as his academic colleague [[Arwingpedia:Slippy Toad]], his mentor and surviving member Pepper Hare, and a relatively new friend young McCloud made called [[Falco Lombardi]], a space-gangster who had rehabilitated to become an ace space pilot. Some time after the new Star Fox team was formed, General Pepper called upon them to assist the Cornerian army with a surprise invasion originating from Venom. Andross was quickly suspected to be behind this new invasion, and so the Star Fox team was dispatched to go on a mission and destroy the [[Core Brain]] on planet Venom.
The Star Fox team had went through several locations and sub-missions throughout the Lylat System before finally reaching Venom. They had assistance from allies such as [[Bill Gray]] and [[Katt Monroe]], and occasionally had to face their rivals [[Star Wolf]] before they got there. It later turns out that Andross is the Core Brain, but regardless McCloud manages to destroy Andross, risking his life in the process, but strangely saved by a mysterious [[wikipedia:Ghost|apparition]] of his father. Star Fox team return to Corneria victorious. (See ''[[Star Fox (game)|Star Fox]]'', ''[[Star Fox 64]]'', and/or ''[[Star Fox 64 3D]]'' for more details. Also check the [[Lylat Wars]] article.)
[[File:Starfoxteam.jpg|200px|thumb|right|The roster of Star Fox, as shown in ''[[Star Fox: Assault]]''.(From left to right: [[Arwingpedia:Slippy Toad]], [[Fox McCloud]], [[Falco Lombardi]], and [[Krystal]])]]
===Current Team Members===
*[[Fox McCloud]]
*[[Falco Lombardi]]
:Ace Pilot
*[[Arwingpedia:Slippy Toad]]
:Team Mechanic

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