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Krazoa Spirit

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{{wikiprojectdocumentation shell|pic name = Category.pngwikiproject-categories|name info = shortcut to [[LW:Categories ]]| classsee also = {{WP-Shortcuts}}}} ==category|type Purpose=wiki|name_single = categoryTo be a shortcut to {{wikiproject-categories}}<noinclude>, with out the graphic.  ==Usage==simply put {{doctl|wikiproject-categories}}where you want the shortcut to be. === Parameters ==={{auto| class="wikitable" width=100%|+|-! Name ! Description ! Values-Related Stuff|-| colspan = 3 | none|-cat2|WikiProject }  ==Example==<includeonly>[[Category:Wikiproject Shortcuts|Categories]][[Category Templates}}:Categories Template|Shortcut]]</includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Documentation]]</noinclude>
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