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Wiki-Tan: This is a page that shows the power of category trees, and their usefulness in exploring the wiki. Starting with the top-level "root" category, click the [+] button to expand everything bellow it. Each "leaf" of a "subtree" is a link to the specific category for you to continue exploring with.
(For more on Tree terminology, please look at the tree structure page on wikipedia).

Root(6 C)
Featured Pages(1 C, 3 P)
Game Content(9 C)
Other Pages(6 C)
Real World Content(8 C)
Wiki Content(12 C)

Following each link, are a set of number(s) between two parenthesis. They follow this set up:

# C
number of categories within this category
# P
number of pages that are members of the category.
(in this instance, pages include: templates, articles, as well as wikiproject, community and policy pages)
# F
number of files (images, music, etc.) that are members of the category.

if C, P or F do not appear, then there are no pages under that category, and it can be nominated for deletion, if it is completely empty.