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Wiki-Tan: For those who prefer lists, here is a list to every important page on the wiki. If you prefer a different way of surfing, please choose the method at the bottom of the page.
Notice:Please only include text-based links. No transcluding templates, no including images or files. You may link to categorizes, onlyt when the category services the same purpose that this page does. Not for aesthetic value.

For Those New to Wiki's, This wiki, etc.

Are you new to the wiki? if so, the following pages have been set up just to help you out.

Game Related Content

The following pages are are all related to stuff within the game.









Real World Content

The Following are pages that are related to anything outside the game, but are still connected to the series. This doesn't include this wiki or anything exclusively related to it.






Wiki Related

The wiki contains 4 types of Pages, organized by how the system treat related pages. For example, A file page will have file information that isn't inputed through the [edit] button, but by the software itself. This information will be different from the information given for a Category.

In addition, when including the information of a page from another of a different type, the results will be slightly different. For more, please see: Help:Contents#Contents.


Articles are the Main type of page on the wiki. These include Content pages (like #Game Related Content and #Real World Content) but also #Administration and Policies.


Templates are pages that are intended to be used on other pages.

Each template has it's own Documentation on how to use it, and it not please add some or report it on the template's discussion page.


Categories are groups of pages. Each page with the namespace Category: is treated as a category, and thus has will have the following sections. If there are no members that fall under the heading, the heading will not show

If other categories are themselves categories, then they will show up under this heading.
All articles, policies, templates and files (under certain conditions) that are members of the Category.
All files (under certain conditions), that are members.
  • All categories should be a member of Category:Root, or one of it's subcategories, unless there is a specific reason why they aren't.
  • All categories can also be found here


All media that has been uploaded to the wiki. This can be images, music, animations - Whatever.

File History
As new version of the file are uploaded, the old ones are achived and shown here.
File Links
What pages include this file, but not just link to it?
Meta Data
Was it taken from a with a camera or done in photoshop? what was the dots-per-inch?

The following are helpful pages for Files, images, music, etc.


As a community, it is important to have fun once and a while. One way of doing this is with your user pages. Each (registered) user gets a page, and it can be found by going to User: followed by your username. It is also found at the top left of the screen, if you are using the Monobook skin.


One of these methods are know as Userboxs. To find out more about them, please check out these links


Community Pagess





Wiki Projects