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Items in Star Fox Command

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This is a list of items in Star Fox Command.

Enemy Cores

Enemy Cores are exclusive to Star Fox Command. Similar to an Aparoid's Core Memory, an Enemy Core contains all of an enemy's information. When a pilot destroys all enemies that hold Core Memories, all other enemies are destroyed and the pilot is able to leave the battle field. Collecting all the Enemy Cores in an area with an enemy motherships allows ROB 64 to help the pilot target and destroy the mothership. Similar items appear in the multiplayer mode when a player is shot down. The item is used to keep track of a player's score and can be collected by any player, not neccessarily the one who earned it.

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells appear exclusively in the story mode of Star Fox Command. Fuel Cells are used by pilots to refill their fuel gauge during flight. This increases the amount of time the pilot can stay in a battle. Fuel Cells are the most common item found in item rings.

Laser Upgrade

In Star Fox Command, Laser Upgrades come in two forms and only appear in the multiplayer mode. The two forms of the Laser Upgrade include the green version, which gives the player's ship the Twin Laser, and the red variation, which gives the player's ship the Plasma Laser.

Smart Bomb

Main Article: Smart Bomb

Smart Bombs in Star Fox Command are used like they are in all other games in the series. The are used by placing the bomb on the Nintendo DS's touch screen and the bomb will harm all enemies in its vicinity. Smart Bombs can be found by flying through item rings.

Stealth Upgrade

The Stealth Upgrade item appears only in the multiplayer mode. It allows the user to become completely invisible on enemy radar. The player's ship can still be slightly seen when shown on the main screen.

Supply Ring

Main Article: Supply Ring

Supply Rings work the same way in Star Fox Command as they do in all other games in that they restore a ship's shielding power by an amount. Supply Rings can be found by flying through item rings.

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