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Items in Star Fox Adventures

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Star Fox Adventures featured a numbers of items which Fox could use in various ways.


Scarabs are the currency of Sauria. They are used for purchasing anything from items in the ThornTail Store to cheat tokens.

Grubtub Fungus

These mushrooms are the favorite food of the EarthWalkers. Fox can feed them to Tricky to allow him to perform various actions.

Bomb Spore

These spores can be planted to produce bomb plants. Bomb plants can be used to destroy certain walls and floors.

FireFly Lantern

The FireFly Lantern allows Fox to hold FireFlies for when he needs them.


These FireFlies are used to light the way in dark areas.

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells are used to power Fox's Arwing when he needs to fly to the floating islands above the planet. Fox can locate them with his Fuel Cell Compass or purchase them from the ThornTail Store.

Cheat Token

These items can be purchased from cheat wells for 20 scarabs each. When purchased, Fox must take them to the Game Well Maze and deposit them in the well at the end of the maze. When Fox deposits one, it will either activate a "cheat" or display a message.

PukPuk Eggs

These eggs come from the PukPuk bird, an animal bred specifically for food by the SharpClaw. They will restore four hit points when eaten.

Dumbledang Pods

The Dumbledang Pods come from Dumbledang trees and are used as a food source. When eaten, they restore two hit points.

Moon Seeds

Moon Seeds are special seeds which can grow large vines when planted in the right soil and exposed to flame.

Alpine Roots

Alpine Roots are a favorite food of the SnowHorn tribe, but they are buried in the ground and the SnowHorn are unable to dig for them. Fox can have Tricky dig them up.


These strange creatures will restore Fox's life if he runs out of health. Without the Bafomdad Holder, he can only hold one. After one has been purchased, he can hold up to ten.

Bafomdad Holder

The Bafomdad Holder allows Fox to hold up to ten Bafomdads. It can be purchased from the ShopKeeper for 20 Scarabs.

CloudRunner Flute

This magical flute is given to Fox by the Queen CloudRunner to lead her children back to her.

Dinosaur Horn

This horn is found in the DarkIce Mines. It is a treasure of the SnowHorn tribe, and they will come when Fox plays it. Fox also uses it in a challenge to open a Krazoa Shrine.

White Grubtub Fungus

White Grubtubs are a special variant of the blue Grubtubs. They have healing properties, and Fox must collect them and give them to the Queen EarthWalker.

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