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Items in Star Fox: Assault

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This is a list of items in Star Fox: Assault.

Barrier Sphere


Barrier Spheres are special items exclusive to Star Fox: Assault. They provide an invincible barrier around the user that lasts for half a minute. These spheres are found littered across the Lylat System. Exactly what these spheres are is unknown. Popular belief is that they are either the Reflector used by Fox and Falco in the Smash Bros. games, or that they are physical manifestations of Krystal's powers. In the multiplayer mode, when a character is defeated, they are given a barrier upon revival. Krystal is given two as her special ability.

Booster Pack

The Booster Pack is an item exclusive to the multiplayer mode. It allows the user to hover or elevate themselves in the air using technology similar to the Arwing.

Extra Life


Extra Life items are only featured in on-foot missions. They give the player an extra life.

First Aid Kit


First Aid Kits are the equivalent to Supply Rings for on-foot missions. They come in green, which heals a fourth of the user's health. There is silver, which heals half of the user's health. Lastly, there are gold kits, which completely heal the user.

Laser Upgrade

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Smart Bomb

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Special Flag


The Special Flag is an item exclusive to Star Fox: Assault. They are a collectible item with five hidden in each of the ten missions of the game. The flags can be made to appear by destroying certain enemies or shooting an invisible target. Collecting all fifty of the Special Flags will unlock the Demon Sniper.

Stealth Suit


Stealth Suit items are exclusive to multiplayer mode and nullify any sense of tracking. The user is still visible and can be locked onto with a laser, but homing weapons are unable to lock on. The tag that is located above the character's head disappears. The user is also removed from radar.

Supply Ring

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Star Fox: Assault features many weapons used by the Star Fox team.



The Blaster is the basic weapon in Star Fox: Assault. It has limitless ammunition and can be charged to make the blasts more powerful. This weapon is used in all on-foot missions. It is unknown whether this is the same blaster used in the Super Smash Bros. games. The Blasters used by both Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare charge faster than those used by the others.

Cluster Bomb

Cluster Bombs are advanced versions of Smart Bombs. They are made up of groups of Grenades and can be fired manually or locked onto enemies. These weapons are exclusive to multiplayer.

Fireburst Pod

A Fireburst Pod works similarly to a Sensor Bomb. After an amount of time has passed from being planted, the pod releases a series of Grenades that are launched into the air and thrown across the playing field. If the pod is shot before launching, it scatters the Grenades in a localized area.

Devil Launcher


Devil Launchers are special versions of the Homing Launcher that are given only to players losing multiplayer battles by serious amounts. It kills enemies with one shot. It is also able to destroy a vehicle in one hit while leaving the inhabitant with one hit point left.

Demon Sniper

The Demon Sniper is an advanced version of the Sniper Rifle, with a shorter firing delay between rounds, and a larger blast. Similar to the Demon Launcher, it can defeat all enemies and vehicles with one shot. It can be disabled by turning off the Special Items option in the multiplayer menu. It is exclusive to multiplayer mode.

Gatling Gun


The Gatling Gun is a refined version of the Machine Gun. It is more powerful but also has less ammunition and is less accurate. It is able to destroy armored enemies, so it is often used to clear large rooms.



Grenades are explosives that can be thrown at enemies. They are not very accurate and are best saved for narrow hallways. Charging the grenades allows them to explode earlier, but charging for too long can also make them explode before being thrown, injuring the user. One tactic is to use a Barrier and chase an opponent while charging.

Homing Launcher


The Homing Launcher is a form of rocket launcher that can automattically lock on to enemies. It is useful in destroying enemies that are heavily armored.

Machine Gun


The Machine Gun is a weapon with rapid fire capabilities and a substantial amount of ammunition. It can easily clear large rooms, though it is unable to damage armored enemies. It is Wolf O'Donnell's favorite weapon, as his official alternate artwork depicts him wielding one and, for his versus mode victory pose, he brings out a pair of them and starts firing rapidly.

Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher is another form of rocket launcher that is exclusive to multiplayer mode. This weapon can be fired and then manually controlled to its intended target. One can press the button used to fire the weapon to make it self destruct.

Plasma Cannon


The Plasma Cannon is a special rapid fire weapon exclusive to single player mode. It is used while riding on the wing of another pilot. It has unlimited ammunition and can be used against a wide variety of enemies.

Predator Rocket

The Predator Rocket is a special kind of weapon. It has to be set on the ground in order to be used. After it is on the ground, it releases a laser into the sky that detects only airborne vehicular movement. The rockets cannot pass through solid objects, and can easily be disrupted by ejecting from the vehicle being chased.

Sensor Bomb


Sensor Bombs are bombs that are planted in the ground and explode when someone approaches them. The mine can be shot by any weapon to destroy it.

Sniper Rifle


The Sniper Rifle is a special weapon that has a scope attached to it so it can be used from a distance. It is a fairly powerful weapon, able to take down most enemies in one shot in one player mode and all characters but Wolf in multiplayer.


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