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Items in Star Fox

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This is a list of items in Star Fox.

Extra Ship

Extra Ships appear in certain levels, created by an formation of three small objects. Once the player fires in the middle a few times, an Extra Ship will appear. Touching it will grant the player an extra life.

Laser Upgrade

Main Article: Laser Upgrade

Power Shield

Power Shields, when obtained, protects the player from the next few attacks that hit.

Smart Bomb

Main Article: Smart Bomb

Supply Rings

Main Article: Supply Ring

Small Energy Supply

Small Energy Supplies appear when the player destroys certain enemies or missiles. When flown through, it will heal a small amount of the player's health.

Wing Gyro

Wing Gyros take the place of Laser Upgrades when the player is missing a wing. Touching one will repair one wing.

Smart Bomb • Supply Ring • Laser Upgrade
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